Tuesday, September 10, 2013


   Welcome to my blog, which is all, and only, about things I find interesting in Second Life.  I will probably be posting stuff about Second Life fashion, interior design, architecture, building, places which I like, people whom I like and maybe even sometimes people whom I don't like... lol.  I hope you enjoy!

Hair/Hat - Billy ~ Black - Kmadd - MP
Necklace - Lock & Chain Collar - Asami Imako (an Open Collar design, which I modified)
Shirt - Vinyl Boy (tank) - Vitamen
Pants - Bolt Mesh Pants (WhiteLeather) - Xplosion - MP
Skin - Mark Shaved Natural - Akeruka
Shape - My Own
Eyes - Deep Sky Eyes (Deep Sapphire, w1) - Mayfly - MP
Hairbase - Army Black - no.07 (unavailable)


  1. YAY !! Now, where is the follow button.

  2. What Colleen said!

  3. Um... I think I added one now. I'm still getting use to this... lol.

  4. Oh, I wish you were on Wordpress so I could hit "Like" :D