Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gone with the Windlight

You can probably tell, simply by noting that this is only the second thing I've posted since creating this blog, that it takes something special for me to become inspired to post something.  In this case, I was greatly inspired by Strawberry Singh's book cover meme challenge (link) to create this image.  I had ideas for it swimming in my head all day yesterday.  But it wasn't until my sister, Grimhilda, insisted that we watch Gone with the Wind for St. Patrick's Day (I had forgotten that Scarlet's father was Irish until we started watching it), that I came up with the idea for the final creation.

I must thank my sister, Grimhilda, for graciously agreeing to be my model, as well as Professor Caproni for providing the location for my photo shoot (link) and Painter Meriman for creating such a stunning plantation.  Also, special thanks to AliciaKay Kilara (creator for A Touch of Ireland, which has subsequently closed shop), who created the outfit which is worn by Grimhilda.

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